Princess Megan L

My name is Meg, and I am an entertainer from Epsom, Surrey. I am currently studying at the University of Reading, and I enjoy musical theatre, make-up artistry and all things pink and sparkly!

I absolutely adore entertaining for so many reasons. Primarily it allows me to engage with my creative side and love of the arts while studying for my law degree. I can be Elle Woods by day and a princess by night - I have officially made it! The second reason why I love entertaining is that I get to work with little ones! I have worked in a nursery setting and as a private nanny for many families for around six years. I understand that your child's needs are always number one, and I know that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on their face! Finally, I love that this role has allowed me to travel around to new locations all the time! It is super exciting.

A fun fact about myself is that I have competed in the Miss England contest for the past two years, placing in the top twenty to represent our nation at Miss World. It was a really fun experience that taught me an array of valuable life skills.